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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Logan Paul

YouTuber Logan Paul, who has over 10 million subscribers as of this post, began closed captioning in December 2016. Although he has not captioned his older videos, since December 2016 he has exhibited a commitment to closed captioning. Captioning quality is not good though. This means either he is doing it himself, using volunteers, or doing minor editing of the automatic captioning transcript and re-uploading it to the video to create closed captions. The captions are long and run-on instead of being edited into brief pop-on captions.  Timing quality is poor. So why are we publishing Logan Paul anyway? We are publishing him because he is one of the few YouTube superstars who at least caption their videos. Be warned though, it is a bit painful watching his videos because of the poor captioning quality.

If you don't understand our description of the captioning quality, we suggest you check out IISuperwomanII, another YouTube superstar who captions and has quality captions on her videos: Another YouTube superstar that has quality captions is Tyler Oakley: Tyler has captioned steadily with quality captions since he began captioning.

If you like Logan Paul (there's got to be a reason he has over 10 million subscribers) but are dissatisfied with the captioning quality (it looks like crowd sourced captioning), reach out to him:

Twitter: @loganpaul
YouTube: Go to About, and select the Message button (you have to be signed in)

NOTE: If you want to vote for Logan Paul, follow the guidance in the embedded tweet below.

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