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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Takei's Take

Takei's Take features George Takei, a former actor from Star Trek, discussing "technology, trends, current events and pop culture."  Captioning ended in 2014, the last year of the series.

Verified December 2017

Guild, The

A popular (now classic) comedy web series about the offline lives of online gamers. This show made Felicia Day a household name.


Streamy Award 2009 - Best Comedy Web Series
Streamy Award - Best Female Actor in a Comedy Web Series (2X)
Streamy Award - Best Ensemble Cast in a Web Series
Streamy Award - Audience Choice - Best Web Series
Streamy Award - Best Directing for a Comedy Web Series
IAWTV Award - Best Comedy Web Series
IAWTV Award - Best Writing (Comedy)
IAWTV Award - Best Directing (Comedy)
IAWTV Award - Best Female Performance (Comedy)

Verified December 2017

Monday, September 16, 2013


Clutch is an adult-oriented action web series that is about "a pickpocket who robs from the mob, and uncovers a tirade of oppression of women who are being sold to the sex trade." 


Best Supporting Actress, Drama - ISA 2014
Best Direction, Drama - ISA 2014
Guest Actor, Score, Writing  - LAwebfest 2014
Los Angeles Web Series Festival - Grand Prize
IFQ Festival - Best International Web Series
Best Action/Adventure Web Series - Miami Webfest 2014


Best Original Music - IAWTV 2014 (season 2)
Best Ensemble Performance (season 2) - IAWTV 2014


Vancouver Web Fest 2014

Verified December 2017

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Great Dying, The

A zombie adventure web series. Five episodes, all captioned.


LA Web Fest 2013 - Outstanding Directing
LA Web Fest 2013 - Outstanding Producing

Verified December 2017

The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet is a supernatural fantasy series that appears to be focused on a boarding school. The screenshot is from the trailer. (All the character promos are also captioned). The series launched, fully captioned, on September 10.


Series, Lead Actress - LAwebfest 2014

Verified December 2017