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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Real life is too boring for Smosh. Parody and poking fun at real life is their mission in life. Smosh is one of the most popular comedy channels on youtube with over 20 million subscribers. They are so popular that if a video gets only 500,000 views, that's on the low end. Crowd sourced captioning.

  1. 19 More Crazy Vines (That Don't Exist)
  2. Adventure Time Adventure
  3. A Real Ouija Board?
  4. Amazing New Drink
  5. Beef n' Go
  6. Best of 2011 Remix!
  7. Christmas Apocalypse
  8. Christmas Apocalypse Part 2
  9. Ditto, The - Movie Trailer
  10. First Person Shooters Suck!
  11. Food Battle 2011
  12. Food Battle 2011 Announcement
  13. Food Battle 2011 Trailer!
  14. Real Watch Dogs Hacks!
  15. Harry Potter Pill, The,
  16. Hide and Seek
  17. How to Be a Cop!
  18. How to Be a YouTube Commenter
  19. How to Dump Your Girlfriend!
  20. I'm Not Racist!!!
  21. I'm Possessed!
  22. If Holidays Were Real
  23. If Movies Were Real 2
  24. If Scary Movies Were Real
  25. If the Internet Was Real
  26. If Video Games Were Real
  27. Internet for Dummies, The
  28. Jurassic Pokemon
  29. Just Like Link
  30. Legend of Zelda Rap, The (Music Video)
  31. Meat in Your Mouth (Banned Commercial)
  32. Mime Fail!
  33. Motion Gaming Sucks!
  34. Movie Reboots Suck
  35. My Bathroom Secret
  36. My Grandpa's Dirty Secret
  37. My Twerking Addiction
  38. New Smosh Album Commercial
  39. Parents Suck!
  40. Pokemon in Real Life!
  41. Pokemon in Real Life 2!
  42. Pokemon in Real Life 3!
  43. Pokemon in Real Life 5!
  44. Real Death Note!
  45. Real Voodoo Doll!
  46. Rejected Videos!
  47. Siri Tried to Kill Me!
  48. Star Fox TV Show!
  49. Teens in the Wild!
  50. X-mas: [Something] on Santa's Computer
  51. Xtreme Sleepover!
  52. Your Dumb. I'm Dumber (Music Video)
Actual Smosh YouTube channel - with NO closed captions.

1 comment:

  1. I asked a contact who works for Defy Media to ask the producers to correctly caption the content. Waiting for reply. 6-18-15