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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Jugoistočno od razuma (JiOR)

The title's English translation is Southeast of Reason. Webseries is from Croatia.

For Andrea, life during high school seems ordinary, until something takes her far from everything she knows.

She has no father. Her mother left her as a baby for her safety with a half-brother and his pregnant girlfriend, disappearing without a trace. She makes it her mission to find her mother and answer questions about her own self. During her searches, a mysterious figure sends mercenaries to find her mother.

Somewhere in her past, there's something that explains why she's the hope of entire civilizations. Her missing parents are only found in ancient battles, on the other side.

Note: This is the best we can come up with an English translation with the help of Google Translate. If you have a better translation, let us know, please.

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