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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


About a year ago, allrecipes captioned some of their recipe videos on their YouTube channel. Then, they apparently stopped. If you want them to resume captioning, send them a tweet at @allrecipesvideo, or a YouTube email. In the meantime, here is what they did caption:

Barbeque Ribs Frost Cupcakes Stir-Fry
Sushi Rolls Pork Spare Ribs Frost a Cake
Mashed Potatoes Cook Bacon Lasagna
Gravy Knead Dough Grill a Steak
Asparagus Grill Chicken Make Fried Pickles
Pancakes Grill Shrimp Pasta with Bolognese Sauce
Chocolate Shake Cook Salmon Make Vanilla Cake
Make QuicheMake French ToastMake Lemonade
Cook TilapiaGrill SteaksMake Salsa
Make MeatballsBreakfast CasseroleScramble Eggs
Make CheesecakeMake Cookie IcingRoast Chicken Breasts
Make Pulled PorkMake a Monte CriscoMake Au Gratin Potatoes
Make Angel Food CakeMake Shepherd's PieMake Banana Bread
Make King CakeGrill VegetablesLemon-Strawberry Punch
Make Tuna SaladGrill FishPoach Eggs
Make Sushi RiceDecorate an Easter CakeCut Pineapple
Make HummusMake CrepesCook a Ham
Make Easter EggsBasic Knife SkillsDebone a Chicken Thigh
Debone a Chicken BreastCorned Beef and CabbageBroil
Cut Up a Whole ChickenMake TamalesMake Clover Leaf Rolls
Make Chicken WingsMake a Pie CrustDecorate Cookies
Thaw, Brine, Cook TurkeyMake Fried RiceTriple Decker Shrimp BLT
World's Best Lasagna

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